Services Provided By SIA LIFE

Longterm ICU

Affordable, intensive medical support for chronically, critically ill patients requiring prolonged ICU stay with 24x7 supervision of critical care doctors.

Medical & Neuro Rehabilitation

A doctor-supervised rehabilitation program designed for people with diseases, injury, or disorders of the nervous system or various parts of the body.

Palliative medicine

Specialized medical and emotional care for people with a serious illness; such as heart failure, chronic pulmonary disease, cancer, dementia, Parkinson's disease etc.

Geriatric Medicine

Treatment of elderly patients with complex medical conditions and social problems, with the goal to improve quality of life.

Child Development

Paediatric treatment for a wide variety of developmental concerns including early childhood assessment, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders etc.

Sports Medicine

Medical care and rehabilitation to restore function to injured patients involved in sports, personal fitness or physically demanding jobs.

Welcome to SIA LIFE

Best Multi Specialty Rehabilitation Center in Hyderabad

India’s first Long Term ICU and Medical Rehabilitation Facility, in Hyderabad, with a total of 80 in-patient beds.  We specialize in providing intensive medical care including ventilatory and rehabilitative treatment for patients requiring long term medical and intensive care support.

medical rehabilitation center in hyderabad

24/7 Physicians

multi specialty rehabilitation center in hyderabad


Pulmonary Rehabilitation center in hyderabad

Ventilator Support

Nursing and rehabilitation facility in Hyderabad


physiotherapy and out patients rehab center


out patient rehabilitation center in hyderabad

Speech Therapy

Once you enter SIA, you will find that

  • We ensure 24*7 coverage by critical care specialist doctors.
  • Our nurses are specialized in ICU care and provide 24×7 care,working with you every step of the
  • Our skilled physiotherapists assess the condition and plan the therapy sessions accordingly for
    faster recovery.
  • Our medical care involves providing personalized Diet & Nutrition plans for every patient.
  • Our advanced equipments aid our staff in giving the best possible care and faster recovery.