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What is Palliative Medicine?

Palliative Medicine which comes from the word ‘to palliate’ meaning ‘to ease’ is an inter-disciplinary sub-speciality of medicine that provides a comprehensive treatment of physical and emotional needs that come with a serious illness or injury.  Palliative Medicine eases the suffering that results from illness. For e.g., If a person is undergoing chemotherapy to treat cancer, his/her physician addresses nausea, depression or anxiety by prescribing a drug, directing the patient to a therapist etc. All of these coping mechanisms are considered palliative as they improve the quality of a person’s life while the physician works towards treating cancer.

Who can benefit from Palliative Medicine?

Any patient going through a course of serious illness can benefit from Palliative medicine. Palliative Medicine includes, but is not limited to a person with

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  • Advanced Cancer (metastatic or recurring)
  • Advanced Heart Disease
  • Stroke with at least 50% decreased function
  • Advanced Renal Disease
  • Advanced Neurological Diseases including Alzheimer’s characterized by severe dementia and medical complications.
  • Advanced Liver Disease


Why choose SIA for Palliative Medicine?

At SIA, we provide a comprehensive approach to improve the quality of life for a person living with a serious illness. We have a team of critical care specialists, therapists, rehabilitation experts who work collaboratively with the patient’s entire medical team and their family to provide medical and emotional support required to cope with the illness.


Palliative Care aims at easing the pain and other symptoms of a patient’s illness. It is more about easing pain and providing families with emotional support to help them overcome the suffering caused to their loved one.