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Medical Rehabilitation

Recovering from an injury, extended illness or accident can be quite painful and challenging- physically and emotionally. At SIA, our Medical Rehabilitation Team helps patients overcome the functional limitation that is brought on by such causes. Our goal is to assist the patient to return to their highest level of independence.

Medical Rehabilitation is an effective combination of medical care, therapy and education. At SIA, you will find that we treat patients ranging from children (paediatric rehabilitation) to geriatric patients. We provide hands-on care with the highest quality of specialized rehabilitation support. Medical care is coordinated with a multi-disciplinary team that includes critical care doctors, rehabilitation physicians, nurses and therapists. Our program is designed to help patients recover from strokes, fractures, amputations, back injuries and neuromuscular disorders.

Medical Rehab Care Team

SIA’s critical care doctors, therapists, nurses and rehabilitation professionals work together as a team to deliver comprehensive services.

They customize the rehabilitative treatment plan to the patient’s specific needs, interacting with the patient and their family members closely to ensure a highly responsive recovery experience. At SIA, our medical rehab team includes.

Our diet and nutrition services include, but are not limited to;

  • 24/7 critical care specialists with an extensive background in managing critically ill patients
  •  Trained Rehabilitation Nurses, who coordinate the plan of care while also taking physical rehabilitation into consideration.
  •  Physical Therapists who help patients achieve recovery goals which include strength, balance, endurance and mobility.
  •  Occupational Therapists to maximize patients’ independence in day-to-day activities, increase strength and coordination and train individuals in the use of adaptive equipment.
  • Speech-Language Pathologists who provide individualized programs to improve speech, language, memory, thought processes, swallowing and other communication-related conditions.
  • Psychologists to provide counselling and emotional support whenever needed to help patients and their families adjust to life-changing injuries or disabilities.
  • Nutritionists to work on therapeutic diets according to the specific needs and diagnoses of the patient.

Medical Rehabilitation is provided for the following diagnoses;

  • Stroke or other Neurological Illnesses
  •  Traumatic Brain Injury
  •  Spinal Cord Injury
  •  Amputations
  •  Poly-trauma patients

& more.