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What is a Long Term ICU?

Long Term ICU also known as a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital is an acute care center which specializes in the treatment of patients who require a longer hospital stay and prolonged mechanical ventilation to recover from complex medical conditions. Long Term ICU’s focus their resources at a limited number of specialized critical care treatments with minimal overhead to be able to provide cost-effective quality ICU care. The average length of stay at a Long Term ICU is 25 days or longer.

Typically, patients in a Long Term ICU require prolonged ventilator use or weaning, intensive respiratory care, multiple IV medications or transfusions, complex wound care or care for burns.

About SIA Long Term ICU.

SIA Long Term ICU is a first-of-its-kind landmark center in India, where quality & affordable ventilator and ICU support is given to chronically, critically ill patients requiring prolonged ICU stay under 24×7 supervision of critical care doctors. At SIA, our patients are provided with individualized treatment plans carried out by multi-disciplinary teams including physicians, therapists, rehabilitation specialists and more.

Features of SIA Long Term ICU-

At SIA in-patient Long Term Acute Care Center, we treat our patients according to individualized plans with detailed case management. We ensure on-site visits by physicians daily to review the progress of our patients. We exclusively provide our patients with

  • 24/7 service by critical care specialist doctors
  • Experienced nursing staff specialized in ICU care
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Isolation ICU beds
  • Affordable, invasive ventilator support
  • Exclusive support by our in-house super specialty Doctors.

Along with these exclusive services we provide our Long Term ICU patients with Cardiac Monitoring, Long Term Antibiotic Therapy (if required), Wound Care, Nutritional Support, Ancillary Services like state-of-the-art laboratories, radiology department etc., education and awareness sessions for the patient and their families. We also provide Speech Therapy to patients who have trouble in swallowing and communicating their basic needs.

What is the Need for a Long Term ICU?

The high cost of critical care has made it difficult for chronically ill patients to continue quality ICU care for a prolonged period. Due to financial constraints, patients requiring long term medical care are referred from ICU’s of corporate hospitals to small nursing homes without proper ICU facilities. The quality of care is not continued thus causing harm to the patient and the initial effort put in by the critical care doctors is lost.

Long Term ICU is a center for such patients where the quality of ICU care is continued at affordable prices and the treatment connect of the patient with their primary hospital and doctor is continued.