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Diet & Nutrition

Nutrition is a significant part of good health. A balanced and healthy diet can prevent heart disease, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, cirrhosis (liver disease). Nutrition also aids in managing high risk pregnancies, high blood sugar, gastrointestinal diseases, high cholesterol, and other conditions.

Keeping this in mind, our team of nutritionists and dieticians at SIA assess a patient’s nutrition status and create a nutrition therapy plan that aids in their recovery, nutrient needs, eating habits and lifestyle. Our in-patient rehabilitation and long term acute care patients, as well as their families, are provided with medical nutrition therapy and education.

As with any aspect of our rehabilitation process, SIA focuses on providing our patients with tools to maintain a healthy life even after their treatment. Nutritional counselling is a key part of the treatment plan we provide.

SIA’s approach to rehabilitation care

Our rehabilitation program provides a multidisciplinary approach and individualised nutrition and lifestyle goals for patients that can help them with their rehabilitation treatments. Our in-house dietician meets the patient one-on-one and analyses their specific wellness needs following which nutritional goals are set between the patient and the dietician. Customized diet strategies are taught to our patients empowering them to improve their recovery and increase energy levels.

Our diet and nutrition services include, but are not limited to;

  • Comprehensive analysis of the patient’s current eating habits and medical condition.
  •  Recommendations with regard to areas for improvement in current eating patterns.
  •  Customized and individualized diet and meal plans tailored to the patient’s rehabilitation therapy.
  •  Development of self-management tools that can help the patient transform their unhealthy eating behaviours into healthy long term sustainable eating habit.
  • Nutrition and weight management classes.

Nutrition services for our Long Term Acute Care patients.

At SIA, we recognize that proper nutritional care can differ from patient to patient depending on the phase of each person’s critical illness. The proportion of carbohydrates proteins and fats are adjusted based on the patient’s medical condition so as to ensure that their recovery process is hastened. That’s why we have our dieticians and kitchen staff working together to ensure that our Long Term ICU patients’ needs are met. We provide nutritional counselling for patients and their family members for specialized diets such as diabetic, renal, low-sodium/cardiac malnutrition etc. We also take care of the management of nasogastric tubes, PEG tubes and IV nutrition.