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Best Child Development Center in Hyderabad
Best Child Development Center in Hyderabad

Best Child Development Center in Hyderabad

Child Development is a rehabilitation program to implement an early intervention for children who show signs of developmental delay, in order to explore their potential and enhance their functioning and abilities. This program generally includes rehabilitation for children who have cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy, cleft lip and palate, along with autism and complex medical conditions and syndromes.

We start with a pediatric diagnosis and evaluation for developmental concerns including early childhood assessment, learning disabilities and ADHD, autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities. At SIA, we also have a lot of parents coming with children and adolescents for social, behavioral and emotional issues that can be associated with the above mentioned developmental concerns.

Our child development program aims at inter-disciplinary evaluation and consultation to help families of children (from birth to age five) who have development challenges by providing family-centered and culturally sensitive rehabilitation treatment plans. Our team includes certified pediatricians, child psychologists, speech-language pathologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists. This team works based on the child’s specific needs after speaking to the family.

What we offer as a part of our Child Development Program:

  • Information with regard to the child’s developmental and educational needs
  • Approaches to support development and learning at home or school.
  • Guidance about the child’s various developmental stages and transitions.
  •  Assistance in identifying whether or not the child requires medical or related services to treat developmental concerns.
  • Education on providing family and peer support.

Pediatric Rehabilitation
Pediatric Rehabilitation

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation team for children provides Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy depending on the requirement of the patient.

SIA’s Paediatric Occupational Therapy helps children gain independence allowing them to return to their daily routines at their highest level of function. Children may benefit from our occupational therapy for self-care skills like feeding, dressing etc, neuro-developmental treatment, pain management, pelvic floor rehabilitation for urinary incontinence as well as training in the use of adaptive equipment.

Paediatric Physiotherapy assists in developing strength and range of motion required by children to function in their environment easily. The goal of our rehabilitation plan is to help the child achieve development goals like sitting, standing, crawling and walking.

Speech Therapy for children with developmental problems includes providing the skills needed for successful communication and feeding. These skills can affect all aspects of a child’s daily life which includes communication of basic needs and development of social skills and relationships. Our speech therapists at SIA are experienced and trained to help in rectifying speech, feeding and language problems